The History of Through the Flower

Through the Flower was founded by Judy Chicago in 1977 as a 501(c)3 non- profit organization to manage the overwhelming public support of The Dinner Party (1974-1979).  Since its inception, Through the Flower's activities have focused on education and continues to engage in numerous initiatives aimed at providing opportunities for learning about women's history through art.  These include: the coordination of several traveling exhibitions, the creation of a K-12 Dinner Party Curriculum which is made free and accessible to educators around the world through the Judy Chicago Art Education Collection housed at Penn State, hosting public programs, lectures, and workshops, and providing access to research materials for university students across New Mexico through the creation and ongoing support of the Through the Flower Library By and About Women at UNM Valencia among many others.

In 2019 Through the Flower opened the Through the Flower Art Space at its headquarters in Belen, NM, where visitors can learn about the history of Judy Chicago and her photographer husband, Donald Woodman, view art exhibitions, utilize a book and video library, and access the Judy Chicago Portal.  The Through the Flower Art Space also regularly provides public programs such as lectures and workshops.  With this new initiative and continuous support of exhibitions and public programs across the country, Through the Flower continues its mission to counter the erasure of women's achievements through art.