End-of-Year Newsletter

My name is Megan Malcom-Morgan, and I’m the new Executive Director of Through the Flower. Prior to assuming this position and for the past two years, I served as a board member for Through the Flower and our Art Space. I was a devoted secondary educator and worked diligently in my community to create access to art and education. Both Through the Flower and our Art Space have become my true passions. They allow me to teach, while inspiring and empowering others alongside Judy Chicago.

At Through the Flower, we’re building up our support network and growing our audience after months of being closed due to the pandemic, finding innovative ways to get our message out.

As 2021 comes to a close, Through the Flower has many exciting accomplishments upon which to reflect, and we have big plans for 2022. I’d like to share them with you.

Butterfly Mask


In response to the pandemic, Judy designed two iterations of the “Butterfly” mask, as well as a limited edition embroidered mask. These were wildly successful, quickly selling out twice. The fall-colored “Butterfly” mask is still available for purchase in our online store.



Judy Chicago Art Education Award

This year, the Judy Chicago Art Education Award, funded by MaryRoss Taylor, attracted 100 applicants from around the world – the most to date! The award is given annually to an individual who utilizes the Judy Chicago Portal for an educational project. The 2021 winner was Courtney Uldrich, whose proposal, “Establishing Our Own Art History: The Influence of Judy Chicago,” will result in a curated exhibition that explores the impact of Judy’s work and its significance to other woman-identified artists.


“Diamonds in the Sky”

In July, to help revive the Becker Avenue Arts District in Belen after a challenging pandemic, and in celebration of the publication of Judy’s autobiography, The Flowering, we organized “Diamonds in the Sky.” Art galleries and businesses along Becker Avenue participated in the festivities, decorating the street with large diamonds and other artistic displays.

The highlight was a new and spectacular “Smoke Sculpture” by Judy that brought people to Belen from all over the country. The event was livestreamed around the world and filled the atmosphere with stunning color. What a sight!

“Childbirth in America” and related “Birth Project” work

In November, we opened a new exhibition, Childbirth in America and related Birth Project work, which brought

dozens of viewers from all over New Mexico to the opening. The exhibition features Childbirth in America Quilt 8/9, on limited display until January 2022 (after which  it will be sent to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). The full exhibition will be on view until May 2022. Associated programming during the exhibition is addressing the ongoing assault on reproductive rights and obstetric care, a battle that Judy and her peers thought would be long over.


We’re excited to announce that Through the Flower will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro’s groundbreaking Womanhouse in 2022!

Womanhouse, the extraordinary 1972 Los Angeles-based project, transformed an abandoned mansion with artists’ representations of women’s domestic experiences. It was the first public exhibition of feminist art, and over the years, has inspired countless Womanhouse exhibitions worldwide.

We will present a historical exhibition at the Art Space and a reimagined Womanhouse in Belen.

The 2022 Judy Chicago Art Education Award will also be aimed at stimulating research and projects focused on the international impact of Womanhouse.


As you can see., we are VERY BUSY. It is with your generosity and continued donations that we sustain our public programming and exhibition schedule, as we strengthen the legacy built by Judy Chicago and Through the Flower.

With your donation of $35, $225, $500 or more, you can help us reach a broader audience and accomplish even more.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to meeting you in the Art Space and continuing the important work of Through the Flower.

Warmest wishes for Happy Holidays.

Best Regards,


Megan Malcom-Morgan

Executive Director