Support Through The Flower

Through the Flower thanks our many friends and supporters for their generosity in helping our organization accomplish so much over the years. The continued support of our long-term donors, as well as our new friends and volunteers is essential to maintaining our innovative programming and educational outreach. It is in this way that we can secure the decades-long legacy that we have all worked so hard to build. We welcome donations of any size, even if it’s your valuable time!

Matching Gift Program

Your tax deductible donation can help Through the Flower even more. Many companies offer matching gift programs, which will match employee donations to qualifying non-profit organizations. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we have received such matching contributions, and are proud to recognize both the donor and the corporation on our list of supporters. Please check if your company has such a program, and double the benefits of your donation.

For additional information or to make a gift in kind, please contact