‘Entrapped by the Leaves’, Exhibition Print, 2020

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CONFINED by Judy Chicago


Through the Flower is pleased to announce a new exhibition opening at the Through the Flower Art Space on October 31st, 2020: CONFINED by Judy Chicago! This show is a response to life during the pandemic and the feelings of isolation that it has caused. Featured in Confined are prints and drawings by Judy Chicago which express these themes.

Garden Smoke is a set of 12 prints that document a series of intimate Smoke Sculptures that Chicago created during the pandemic in her backyards in Belen and Albuquerque, New Mexico, which were photographed and printed by Donald Woodman. In the early months of confinement, Chicago thought she would amuse herself by returning to her early days in California when she drove around with friends, placing colored smoke wherever she wished for a series titled Atmospheres.

Chicago’s intention was to do similar pieces around New Mexico, but fireworks regulations prevented that. Therefore, Chicago turned her attention closer to home and created a series of pieces in her gardens, while attempting to express her feelings about the restricted life COVID-19 produced. The images are surrounded by words relating to the idea of confinement: enclosed, restricted, suppressed, constrained, entrapped, restrained, circumscribed, curtailed, impeded, limited, and confined.

Also in response to feelings of isolation and restriction, Chicago created several Butterfly Face Masks, thinking they might be an improvement to the blank face coverings popping up everywhere. On display in Confined are Chicago’s drawings showing the initial designs for these masks.