Judy Chicago Research Portal

As part of her efforts to overcome the erasure that has eclipsed the achievements of too many women, Judy Chicago has placed her archives with several institutions. Her paper archives are at the Schlesinger Library for the History of Women in America at Harvard; her art education archive and “The Dinner Party K-12 curriculum” (written by Chicago with a team of distinguished curriculum writers at Penn State) at the Penn State University Libraries; her visual archives will be housed at the National Museum of Women in the Arts; her comprehensive fireworks archive, including materials related to Chicago’s extensive bodies of work with colored smoke, dry ice, and fireworks, are part of the Center for Art + Environment Archive Collections at the Nevada Museum of Art; and her extensive print archive will be housed by the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation.. These institutions have collaborated to create the Judy Chicago Portal which will make these archives available worldwide. Additionally, the Judy Chicago Art Education Award, given annually by “Through the Flower,” her non-profit art organization, is available to researchers in any of the three archives.

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