Internship Program

Internship Program

After learning that women still have few opportunities to learn about their heritage in art and what is required to be a professional artist, Judy Chicago decided to offer the opportunity to learn about her work and the work of other women through a hands-on program that involves learning professional skills while being exposed to the environment of a professional woman artist. By working with and caring for the enormous body of artwork and its documentation, interns begin to understand the requirements of a professional career in art, while they benefit from exposure to Judy Chicago, her colleagues, and the Through the Flower staff.

Participation in the daily activities of Through the Flower allows interns to understand what it means to bring one’s art into the world. Interns have access to photographic materials, videos, books, and other resource materials from Through the Flower’s library which are often difficult to obtain.


The internship program is intended to provide support and empowerment for women and men as they struggle to articulate their own goals and clarify their intentions in relation to art.  Internships provide a basis for growth based upon the feminist principles embodied in Judy Chicago’s art, writings, and teachings.  Interns are asked to complete the required reading as a supplement to the other educational aspects of the program while they complete their internship.

Interested applicants should send the following materials to:

  • A CV or resumé
  • A letter of interest

The letter of interest should include a brief biography, a description of any particular skills or interests of the applicant, and an explanation of why the applicant would like to be an intern with Through the Flower.