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Judy Chicago; Childbirth in America from the Birth Project

November 13, 2021

Phentermine 37.5 Tablets Cheap On November 13, 2021, Through the Flower Art Space will unveil a new and timely exhibition by Judy Chicago; Childbirth in America. The opening reception will be held at the Art Space from 4 -7PM. The exhibition will feature two works from Judy Chicago’s Birth Project along with a series of panels introducing viewers to the (largely unknown) history of childbirth.
01:00 PM 12:00 AM

'The Flowering : The Autobiography of Judy Chicago' is released

July 20, 2021 The Flowering, with a foreword by Gloria Steinem, will be released on July 20, 2021 —coincidentally Judy Chicago’s 82nd birthday— by Thames & Hudson.
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The 2021 Judy Chicago Art Education Award Ceremony

July 18, 2021 Courtney Uldrich, winner of the 2021 Judy Chicago Art Education Award, will be presented with the award at Through the Flower Art Space.

'The Flowering' virtual book launch, livestreamed at Jaramillo Vineyards

July 18, 2021

Is Buying Phentermine Online Safe ‘The Flowering’ virtual book launch, livestreamed at Jaramillo Vineyards

Phentermine Online Pharmacy Mexico On July 18th at noon, MT, Central Parlour at Jaramillo Vineyard Wine Tasting Room is celebrating the virtual book launch of Judy Chicago’s NEW autobiography, ‘The Flowering’! Watch the livestream of Judy Chicago in conversation with bestselling author Kevin Kwan at Jaramillo Vineyards Tasting Room in Belen, NM, all while enjoying a glass of the iconic Judy Chicago wine. Tickets include a SIGNED copy of ‘The Flowering’ and 10% off glasses AND bottles of Judy Chicago wine (plus free tastings!). Tickets are limited; reserve yours here!

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"Diamonds in the Sky" on Becker Avenue

July 17, 2021 ‘Diamonds in the Sky on Becker Avenue’ will showcase one of Judy Chicago’s iconic Smoke Sculptures™ to happen live outside of Through the Flower Art Space.

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Opening at Tonya Turner Carroll Gallery

July 16, 2021